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Career at a Glance

Outstanding Contributor

The Worcester Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is proud to present Colleen O’Brien, Worcester Public Schools Liaison of Health and Physical Education, with the 2013 Outstanding Contributor award. Ms. O’Brien chaired the Hall of Fame Committee and has served as Athletic Director, as well as Liaison of Health and Physical Education.

Colleen O’Brien began her career in the Worcester Public Schools in 1985. Ms. O’Brien majored in health and physical education and has a master’s degree in school administration. Colleen has coordinated many state grants and directed the district’s $8 million Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant several years ago. She serves on the Boys and Girls Club Health Advisory Council and works closely with the Department of Public Health on a variety of task forces. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee for the Health Education Department as Worcester State University. She is a member of the Mass in Motion Coalition and is co-chair of the Worcester Public Schools Wellness Committee.

As a district leader, Colleen has sought out the best practices to ensure the health and wellness of our students. She oversees a staff of 40 health and physical education teachers and has instituted high interest fitness programs that will become lifelong pursuits for students.

Colleen is a member of the Marian High School Athletics Hall of Fame and her father, John Wallace, was inducted into the Worcester Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame in 2008. Colleen is an avid golfer and delights in the time she spends in Maine with her husband Brian, sons Brian, Tim, and Michael, daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren.


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