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Career at a Glance

To describe “Weeksy” as a familiar face at Worcester Public School events is an understatement. If you are an avid sports fan, supporter of the Fine Arts, or involved in any enrichment program Burncoat has to offer, it is safe to say that you have crossed paths with Fran Weeks.

At every Burncoat graduation Fran is thanked by the student speakers for all that he has done to help them cross the stage successfully. The speech may make notes of Fran flipping pancakes at 6AM on MCAS days to provide all the students taking the test a hot breakfast and quick pep talk. It may also note Sunday morning donuts and juice to any student athletes practicing, chaperoning fan buses and knocking on doors the first day of summer vacation for summer school sign ups. Weeks is part of the high school experience of every Patriot.

Fortunate for all, we share this special man with the Worcester Public Schools. He spends his weekends in the fall at Commerce bank Field at Foley Stadium. The WPS biggest cheerleader greets the teams as they get off the bus, warmly welcome families and fans to the games. Weeks always has cold waters on hand to hydrate the referees. he goes to great lengths to make sure each and every game is a positive experience for fans, competitors and officials.

He has been a pillar of the Burncoat High School community for decades and embodies the values of the Worcester Public Schools in all that he does.


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